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We believe counseling is most valuable when teaching individuals to effectively use tools in order to help themselves improve the process of changing feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors that are causing issues in their lives and relationships. Your personal commitment to change is critical in this process; participants who deeply desire change and are fully committed to our process will be equipped with the support and tools to armor themselves for the battle ahead. 

As the name “warrior” suggests, we are all engaged in struggle and conflict throughout our lives. Our goal is to assist you by arming you with research-based tools and skills to effectively overcome life’s battles.

warrior counseling - because life is often a battle

You will be treated with dignity and respect in a safe, therapeutic environment. We will help you put on your suit of armor to be battle ready. Fighting addiction takes an enormous amount of courage, and we will help arm you with the tools to fight the battles ahead. 


Get your life and relationships back. No longer does the shame or embarrassment of your addiction have to haunt you. We understand the loneliness and guilt you are experiencing; you are not alone in this battle! We are dedicated to helping individuals overcome pornography addiction, as well as educating loved ones about the negative impact pornography has on individuals and their families. We teach participants how to practice and develop the Warrior instincts to conquer these addictions for the rest of their lives.